Basic imports

import difflicious._
import difflicious.implicits._

Summoning Differ instances

val intListDiffer = Differ[List[Int]]

Deriving instances for case class and sealed traits (Scala 3 enums)

val differ = Differ.derived[Person]

For classes with generic fields, you need to also ask for Differ instance of the field type (not just the generic type).

case class Box[A](
  content: List[A]

case class Factory[A](
  boxes: List[Box[A]]

implicit def boxDiffer[A](implicit listDiffer: Differ[List[A]]): Differ[Box[A]] = Differ.derived[Box[A]]
implicit def factoryDiffer[A](implicit boxesDiffer: Differ[List[Box[A]]]): Differ[Factory[A]]  = Differ.derived[Factory[A]]

val differ = Differ[Factory[Int]]

Configuring Differs

val differ = Differ[Map[String, List[Person]]]


// Equivalent to differ.configure(

// Replacing a differ at path
val anotherPersonListDiffer: Differ[List[Person]] = ???